Alexandra Milovantseva EMBA 1, What is the column SKOLKOVO FACES about?

I am Alexandra Milovantseva, a graduate of EMBA1, and I joined the SKOLKOVO Times, to write and to lead the Colum «Skolkovo Faces.»   I want to write about the people who are learning, study, teaching, and working at SKOLKOVO to reflect who we are and give us all the chance to get to know each other better, as human beings.

Our community is growing and despite the large number of SKOLKOVO activities, it was becoming difficult to remain «one big family.» During a small get together last year with different groups of students and school staff, I was struck by the variety of things people have created, started, promoted, ranging from business to charitable projects, to swimming with dolphins, drawing, dancing, and many, many things.  It’s all about living, creating, and being happy and inspiring each other.  Personally, I want to know more about you, and you to know more about each other.

If you are a student or graduate and want to learn about other SKOLKOVO students, teachers, or employees you can read all about each other here or if you want to tell us a bit about yourself, this SKOLKOV Faces is the place.

If you are not connected with SKOLKOVO and you want to know who we are, how we live here and what we are about this is the column to read. We’ll tell you about the SKOLKOVO life style. We are all different yet we also have much in common.

If you are looking for incriminating evidence and malicious gossip – this is not the place. We want peace and friendship.

I’ll tell you about my «SKOLKOVO Kaleidoscope», and how SKOLKOVO influenced me.

Perhaps many of you have heard that Skolkovo is a business school that is focused in teaching and educating entrepreneurs, and focused on developing entrepreneurial activity.

I’m not the typical SKOLKOVO graduate. Although I was not aiming to be an entrepreneur I have developed into one.

Before studying at SKOLKOVO I worked in corporate finance for over 10 years (investment memoranda, financial models, mergers and acquisitions … fundraising …). Not that finance was bad or uninteresting – I just got bored. I really wanted things like freedom to do what I wanted and some creativity. Maybe that’s why, when I had my info session and heard that SKOLOKOVO could revolutionize my life, I thought, » Count me in!

Over the last four years (during my Exucutive MBA course and after I graduated) I tried to figure our what I want in life. These were two entrepreneurial projects, the University of Coaching as well as art lessons, rock climbing, walking on glass, yoga, the trip to Nepal, the trek to Everest base camp, going to Norilsk, Kamchatka and the Ecovillage in Kaluga region, membership in the Women’s Association SKOLKOVO, and starting the SKOLKOVO family club.  I really jumped around allot, the list just goes on and on.

I want to tell everyone that they should not be afraid of change, of new experiences. These are the ways to meet amazing people and make new discoveries.

The conclusion of my search is that, in spite of my background in physics and mathematics, I’m primarily a creative person. I do not want to manage a business.  I want to organize educational activities, events and trips, where people can learn, develop, and discover each other’s interests. I do not want to consider financial models and write investment memorandums.  I want to write about people and for people.

SKOLKOVO and its community has become second home. In this section, «SKOLOKOVO Faces,» I want to write about all the wonderful people with whom I met in Skolkovo. I want you to discover them as I have discovered them.


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